Vacuum / Inflatable Membrane

Sealing Projex have a technique to manufacture inflatable seals that can span gaps of up to 100mm .  To achieve this we adopt the Vacuum Membrane product.  The seal is manufactured in an “inflated” state so that there is already a positive seal without pressure involved.  Vacuum is applied to displace the profile and give clearances of up-to 100mm in section.  Once the vacuum is released and a positive pressure applied there is a wide seal contact face giving gas tight levels of sealing.

Sealing Projex Vacuum Membranes can be manufactured for radially in / out and axial orientations. The most common material for Sealing Projex Vacuum Membranes is Silicone, however other more exotic materials are available on request.  These designs are particularly useful for sealing inwardly when large clearance is required, as standard inflatable seals can buckle and deform unless seal gap is extremely small in such cases.

One common application is drum sealing within high containment areas. please see video below for example of one of these seals in action during a pressure test session.



For further information on our inflatable seal soloutions please contact us