Suitability : Guaranteed

In addition to having the knowledge and technical capability to assist you in choosing the right product , Sealing Projex can also carry out application specific tests to validate our choices.

Utilising the latest 3d modelling technology , and our custom built accelerated cycle fatigue testing equipment , we are able to create test rigs that simulate real world uses, and give our clients the confidence they need in critical sealing products.

One recent example detailed in the video below , aimed to assess an existing seals (90 degree corner for axial expansion) capability for a gap range of 11-13mm , at pressures of 1.5 and 2 bar.  

By altering the cycle sequence (changing time inflated and inflation speed for example) we were able to determine likely wear points and overall suitability by measuring the effect of constant use over time.


Whilst the majority of our tests involve our ISO- FLATE™ range of inflatable seals, we welcome all challenges on developing high quality seals of other styles also. Contact us and see why we are the right partners, whether developing a brand new sealing concept or improving an existing problematic seal.

Our technical staff are ready to help as always