We are delighted to announce following our latest NQA audit that we have been successful in achieving re certification to ISO 9001.

 At Sealing Projex, we understand the necessity for exceptional controls on quality, traceability and responsiveness , given the industries we serve.

 A direct example of our commitment is on the ISO-Flate™ inflatable seals for the pharmaceutical industry.

 Our customers will use our product safe in the knowledge that-


  • Our staff have the technical training and experience to suggest the correct product
  • The product will be uniquely identifiable
  • The serial number will enable us to trace all the material used to produce it
  • The seal will have undergone a strict inspection and testing regime (whether to our own high standard or to client specific cycle tests)
  • All the requested FDA certification will be available
  • There will be sufficient materials stocked to respond to rapid production critical delivery requirements
  • If you have any questions (whether technical or simple updates on delivery) you will get a swift and accurate response

 As we continue to grow, we are 100% committed to keeping the quality and service levels as high as they were at the beginning.


Sealing Projex Ltd ISO9001