PTFE Parts and Products

Sealing Projex have the ability to provide a wide range of precision engineered PTFE parts and components, manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 2000.

With both finished and semi-finished products available, we are in a position to cater for all your PTFE requirements competitively.

Our technical team will assist you with choosing the best solution for any given application.

Please see below details of materials and disciplines.

PTFE Production

  • CNC Machined components from 6mm to 300mm
  • Bar feed capability up to 78mm diameter
  • Manual lathe turning for larger components
  • Full CNC milling machining centre
  • Moulding of PTFE billets up to 725mm diameter

PTFE Polymers

  • Virgin PTFE
  • Glass, carbon and molybdenum disulphide
  • Bronze, stainless steel and conductive
  • Modified PTFE in virgin and glass filled

Machined Components

  • PTFE Envelopes
  • Ball valve seats
  • Bearings and bushes
  • Bellows and diaphragms
  • Piston seals
  • custom items to your drawings and specifications

For further information or to submit your specific requirements please contact us.

PTFE bellows and chevron rings
virgin PTFE billet
CNC milled threaded PTFE
sintered PTFE billets filled grades