Sealing Projex can offer you the full range of gaskets.  This includes simple paper or cork gaskets for low duty services all the way up to exotic metallic gaskets for High temperature chemical services.  We specialize in the supply of the Novus & Flexitallic brands of which all specification sheets can be found in our Technical download area

Compressed Fibre Sheet Gaskets

The Novus range of compressed fibre jointing is designed for a wide range of industrial and original equipment applications where sealing performance and specification is essential.

A comprehensive range of grades is available covering a wide spectrum of applications. In addition, the materials can be supplied in private brand and colour formats to ensure your company or customer is accorded recognition.

The jointing can be supplied as sheet or as cut gaskets, either to standard or non-standard dimensions


Exfoiliated Graphic Sheet

Our range of exfoliated graphite products are designed for demanding, high temperature applications typical of the petrochemical and refining industries.

Manufactured from high purity exfoliated graphite, the product is available with a variety of metallic inserts and combinations.

Ultra high purity graphite is available for the nuclear industry and high pressure grades are also available.

Sigma PTFE Materials

Utilising a unique manufacturing process exclusive to Flexitallic, SIGMA® represents the latest generation of biaxially orientated PTFE materials.

All components in the SIGMA® range are FDA compliant. The material’s clean nature makes it ideal for use where product contamination is of concern, such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

The chemical resistance and dimensional stability of the material ensures total sealing reliability and minimises fugitive emissions.

Sigma® 500Flexitallic Sigma® 500 is fully restructured sintered PTFE based sheet sealing material ensuring maximum resistance to creep under the high compressive loads generated in bolted flanged connections. Compression is enhanced through the inclusion of silica microspheres. Sigma® 500 as with all Sigma materials is easy to cut and handle. It is robust to both installation and removal previously used connections requiring minimal attention with regard to flange clean up and inspection

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Driven by the oil and gas industry need for safe, effective sealing solutions in increasingly demanding temperature and pressure applications, Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912.

Through precision engineering, the spiral wound gasket, available in unlimited configurations of high quality metals and materials, is tailored individually to meet the demands of each application.

Globally acknowledged to provide a superior seal against every known corrosive and toxic media, the spiral wound gasket meets the most exacting conditions of both temperature and pressure.

With its unique ability to adapt with flexibility and recovery to the effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, bolt stress relaxation and creep, Flexitallic’s unique spiral wound gaskets provide a superior sealing solution.

Metal Jacket Gaskets

Metal jacket gaskets consist of a soft filler encapsulated in metallic material. The filler material provides the gasket with compressibility and resilience while the jacket confers compressive strength and blow out resistance.

Integral construction Welded construction Jacketed gaskets can be produced in a variety of configurations making them ideal gaskets for heat exchanger applications. A wide range of filler materials are available to suit every service condition.

Ring Type Joints

The Metallic Ring Type Joint was initially developed for use in the petroleum industry, where high pressure/temperature application necessitated the need for a high integrity seal.

They are mainly used in the oil field on drilling and completion equipment. Ring type joints are also commonly used on valves and pipework assemblies, along with some high integrity pressure vessel joints