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Rubber Flexible connections

Rubber Connectors

Standard unreinforced rubber sleeves and flanged rubber connectors can be used for various low-pressure applications such as ducting misalignment, anti-vibration couplings, sieve bellows and silo outlets.  Non standard sizes and dissimilar ends can all be catered for. When deciding on the most appropriate materials and build specification, a number of considerations must be taken into account including working temperature, pressure and conveyed media.

Mandrel-Built Seamless Rubber Sleeves.

Mandrel-built seamless rubber sleeves consist of a seamless rubber tube produced with a smooth internal bore and cloth mark outer finish. These sleeves have no bonded seam and can be used as cement loading chutes, dicharge chutes and silo rubber sleeves.

Hand-Fabricated Rubber Sleeves.

Hand-fabricated rubber sleeves are produced from rubber sheet materials from 0.5mm to 20mm wall thickness with either a butt or overlap join. Each rubber sleeve can be produced to any given dimensions including conical and offset angles. Our flexible rubber sleeves can now also be manufactured in blue FDA metal detectable rubber and blue FDA Nitrile rubber.

Hand Fabricated Rubber flanged connection FDA compliant  Vibration equipment flexible connection  Moulded Rubber convoluted flexible connection

Polyurathane  Flexible connections

To compliment our range of hand fabricated FDA rubber connectors, we also offer fully welded FDA polyurethane sleeves and clear PVC sleeves, FDA polyurethane bellows and PVC bellows and FDA polyurethane flanged connectors. Most customer specific designs can be catered for.

High frequency welding give the flexible connectors a strong base material with the advantage of non-standard shapes and sizes available without expensive tooling charges, along with suitability in food and pharmaceutical applications.

High frequency welded flexible polyurethane connectors can be manufactured in either crystal clear FDA polyurethane, FDA translucent polyurethane, FDA blue polyurethane, FDA black and white polyurethane materials to suit each individual application and are produced from thin walled polyurethane with a wall thickness from 0.1mm up to 1.5mm. We also stock 0.25mm crystal clear anti-static polyurethane. Clear polyurethane sleeves can be used in conjunction with our rubber sleeves to provide an outer bund.

The FDA polyurethane also gives a seal that is as strong as the material itself and can therefore be used for low pressure applications. Any combination of shape and size can be achieved in rectangular or circular form, with or without flanges.

We also manufacture FDA polyurethane convoluted bellows for use on vibratoty sieves or where load cells require minimum resistance for weighing applications. We can produce the bellows with a standard single convolution, or for larger movement capabilities, more convolutions can be added to suit.

Radio frequency welded polyurethane flexible connection  Rectangular polyurethane flexible connection  Convoluted polyurethane flexible connection