Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion Joints

The temperature capabilities range from -50º C to +1000º C and the pressure range from -50kPa to +50kPa. Along with the standard types, numerous special designs are custom-made. The common factor is always the craftmanship and the use of superior materials.The fabric expansion joint is the main LBH product. It is in use in Power Plants, Gas Turbine installations, Offshore installations, Cement works, the Chemical Industry and many others. LBH fabric expansion joint is available in virtually any size and shape. A large number of standard types, covering every medium from clean air to highly aggressive flue gases. The combined temperature, pressure and media are all decisive factors for the selection of fabric expansion joints.

The materials used for the individual layers of LBH multi-layer expansion joints and the number of layers vary according to the type of expansion joint and the operational conditions.

All materials undergo an intensive in-house testing before being released for production, just as the properties are verified by independent testing authorities.

Fabric Expansion Joints

Vulcanized Elastomeric Expansion

Elastomeric expansion joints are especially suitable for wet chemical service and for applications in flue gas desulphurisation plants. The expansion joints are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

LBH specialises in the larger diameters, non-standard lengths and special shapes and configurations not covered by rubber companies’ standard ranges. The majority of LBH joints are for ducting larger than 600 mm in diameter.

LBH Elastomeric Expansion Joints are suitable for continuous temperatures up to 200º C (depending on the rubber type) and pressures up to 50 kPa. Each joint is made from a single elastomeric layer of material, which is laminated with one or more reinforcement layers and then vulcanised to form a solid, integral component.

LBH Elastomeric Expansion Joints provide an effective and durable solution to the problems of handling hot gases and associated condensates in hot-air and flue-gas systems.

Unlike metallic joints, elastomeric joints can easily absorb multidirectional expansion movements and vibrations and compensate for resulting misalignments.

Vulcanised Expansion Joints

High Pressure Rubber Expansion Joints

These types differ from the custom-made Elastomeric Expansion Joints by mainly covering a standard size range and by being able to withstand high operational pressures including the conveying of fluids under high pressure. The applications are for the absortion of movements, oscillations, noise and vibrations in e.g:

  • Cooling water piping in power stations and industrial plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Drinking water supply
  • Shipbuilding and in pumps
  • Turbines and tanks
  • LBH meet all your demands for High Pressure Rubber Expansion Joints.
High Pressure Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints are a range covering any application where LBH Fabric Expansion Joints are not suitable due to pressure conditions. As for all other LBH products, the common factor is the superior quality and the focus on special design solutions.

Standard designs available are:

Axial, Lateral, Angular and Universal Expansion Joints. Circular designs are supplied in standard sizes from Dia. 60 mm to Dia. 5000 mm. The expansion bellows are manufactured as multi-ply bellows and can be combined into double expansion joints and fitted with tie-rods, inner sleeves and other accessories if required. Design calculations are carried out according to EN13445-3 standards and can be documented by optional testing procedures.

Metal Expansion Joints

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