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Product Range

Sealing Projex can offer you a range of engineered sealing. connection and fabricated products and solutions.  Have a read through some of the products that might interest you below and click on the more information button for further details:

Inflatable Seals

Inflatable Seals

The inflatable seals manufactured by Sealing Projex are designed to provide a clean, time saving solution to hermetic sealing against, powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust.


Sealing Projex can offer you the full range of gaskets. This includes simple paper or cork gaskets for low duty services all the way up to exotic metallic gaskets for High temperature chemical services.

Rubber Mouldings

Rubber Extrusions

An enquiry or demand for rubber mouldings can be raised for many reasons. Our wealth of experience, manufacturing for all industries, will assist in either new design or replacement of existing parts that do not meet your expectation in quality, cost or performance.

Expansion Joints

The fabric expansion joint is the main LBH product. It is in use in Power Plants, Gas Turbine installations, Offshore installations, Cement works, the Chemical Industry and many others. LBH fabric expansion joint is available in virtually any size and shape.

Flexible Connections

Standard unreinforced rubber sleeves and flanged rubber connectors can be used for various low-pressure applications such as ducting misalignment, anti-vibration couplings, sieve bellows and silo outlets. Non standard sizes and dissimilar ends can all be catered for.

Rubber Extrusions

Rubber Extrusions

Sealing Projex specialise in the supply of bespoke rubber extrusion profiles. We can produce profiles from your existing drawings/samples or alternatively assist you in the development of a profile for a specific project or application.