USP Inflatable Seals

USP – Inflatable Seals

Did you know our range of ISO-FLATE™ inflatable seals are available in silicone compounds independently  tested to USP class VI?

Representative samples of the silicone compound were independently tested, and found to have an extraction ratio of 60 cm2 /20ml  at a temperature of 50 +/- 1 ºC  for 72 hours , and thus met the requirements for a USP class VI plastic.                               

We also have moulding compounds available with USP certification.

For more information on this , or any of our other available products please contact our technical team.

USP Inflatable Seals

Suitability : Guaranteed

In addition to having the knowledge and technical capability to assist you in choosing the right product , Sealing Projex can also carry out application specific tests to validate our choices.

Utilising the latest 3d modelling technology , and our custom built accelerated cycle fatigue testing equipment , we are able to create test rigs that simulate real world uses, and give our clients the confidence they need in critical sealing products.

One recent example detailed in the video below , aimed to assess an existing seals (90 degree corner for axial expansion) capability for a gap range of 11-13mm , at pressures of 1.5 and 2 bar.  

By altering the cycle sequence (changing time inflated and inflation speed for example) we were able to determine likely wear points and overall suitability by measuring the effect of constant use over time.


Whilst the majority of our tests involve our ISO- FLATE™ range of inflatable seals, we welcome all challenges on developing high quality seals of other styles also. Contact us and see why we are the right partners, whether developing a brand new sealing concept or improving an existing problematic seal.

Our technical staff are ready to help as always


ISO-FLATE ™ seal profiles now available in 3D SLD and STEP

After significant investment and training in the latest 3D modelling software; all ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seal profiles are now available in 3D SLD and STEP file types (amongst others).

 We feel this is an important step in keeping our technical support and communication at the highest possible level,  enabling our clients to achieve the swiftest and most accurate assessment of our vast array of sealing solutions.

 It also allows us to provide custom modifications to existing seals in a very short space of time , maintaining our commitment to speedy response.

 A small selection of some of our existing range can be found viewed on our Inflatable Seal Profiles page

 For 3D files to assist your design , feel free to contact us at any time

 We look forward to hearing from you soon

Machines valve stems for use in inflatable seals

A Fitting investment

One of the core problems we tried to solve at the conception of ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seals was the tendency for valves/inflation stems to be over complicated, un functional and expensive.

We therefore created a range of styles that would marry up with most standard pneumatic fittings as well as easy to fit “PUSH IN” valves which simply required a smoothly drilled recess.

At the time most of our competitors are still opting for intricate machined steel valves with all manner of threads and elaborate methods of bonding the stems inside the seal.

By replacing these out we have managed to improve usability, cost , and speed of manufacture whilst maintaining the highest standards of leak tightness  our many prestigious clients demand.

Despite this there are still many occasions where we must adopt old techniques in order to service a spares requirement, leading to lengthy lead times due to third party machinist’s unwillingness to make relatively small batch runs of these intricate parts.

In order to bring these styles of inflatable to an acceptable Sealing Projex standard in terms of speed of manufacture and crisis response, we have invested heavily in in house machining equipment and are currently undergoing extensive training in the required disciplines.

Machines valve stems for use in inflatable seals

This is another measure of the commitment we have to make custom parts, with a precision and speed better than most suppliers can offer on products they call standard.

We hope to be in a position to cut our lead times by ½ on this type of machined stem over the next six months.

In the mean time, we should still be faster than the market standard.

If you require any further information about our inflatable seals and associated products, please feel free to contact the team at any time.

Inflatable seal immersion test

Integrity and Functionality, certified!


Sealing Projex Ltd have recently invested in improved AC FT (Accelerated Cycle Fatigue Test) equipment.

In order to further push the boundaries of quality control for existing ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seals, and generate further real world data on application suitability for new designs.

This bespoke equipment now allows us to test up to 10 bar internal pressure, (and seal volume dependant) simulate up to 10,000 cycles per day in order to asses’ seals ability to deal with the demands of the intended application.

Used in conjunction with our ability to create test rigs that mimic the seal gap, pressure and allowable leakage rates of the most stringent environments around, we are ideally suited to assist you in selecting an inflatable seal that will be fit for purpose, or creating one where none exists!

Where client and usage demands, we can schedule a test programme and certify batch specific for continued reassurance.

Below is a brief outline of existing test challenges we have overcome for our many prestigious clients:

  • Accelerated cycle fatigue testing 60,000 cycles at 1bar for 5mm seal gap
  • Nitrogen/hydrogen containment leak test of seal / door interface passed at 1.33 x 10-3  mbar ltrs per sec.
  • Surface resistivity testing of seals for anti-static properties
  • Gas permeation/ pressure decay testing of silicone/EPDM compounds

Should you have the need of a responsive, knowledgeable team in supporting you with a new seal design, or eradicating issues with an existing seal, feel free to contact us at any time.

Inflatable seal testing


Pro-Sil FDA Compliant Silicone Sponge Sheet

Sealing Projex Ltd now have the ability to provide sheet and cut gaskets from an FDA compliant grade of cellular silicone sponge. Available in various thicknesses, the material has been well received by containment and process clients alike, due to its ability to provide a seal under low bolt load/ seating stress. Gaskets can be supplied in one piece with a max dimension of 2.5mtr x 1mtr o/s , or with vulcanised joins at almost any size!

For more information / technical data , please contact a member of the team.

Click to view / Download PDF

Click here to View / Download datasheet PDF


Flood Gate door inflatable seal


Flood gate barrier systems are utilising linear Inflatable seals more frequently.  See below a test with a silicone rubber inflatable seal in a HDPE machined mounting frame.

Sealing Projex can manufacture these at any length with the ends moulded in either inflated or deflated position.

Screen Printed Acrylic doors with Inflatable seals

Sealing Projex supply many Inflatable door seal systems through-out the pharmaceutical and high containment sectors.  Using state of the art printing techniques, we have adopted methods to screen print on various substrates including Acrylic, & Glass. 

Printed acrylic door with EPDM Inflatable seal

This can be used to enhance your brand, or even used for instruction purposes for the operators.  The picture bellow shows an EPDM Inflatable used for a radial sealing application.  Not only used for Inflatable seal doors but many static viewing windows, machine guards etc. 

Please contact us for further information with regards to our screen printing options. 

Pharmalast – The ultimate in elastomer technology for the Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Industries.

The Pharmaceutical and Bio-processing industries are constantly increasing the requirement for an elastomer that has excellent purity combined with almost universal chemical resistance.

In answer to these demands, Sealing Projex can now mould custom parts and standard O rings from Pharmalast 643. This material is a Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) which is not only FDA compliant but also USP Class VI. With a temperature limit of +230 degrees C this is the perfect material to be used in any CIP system. Please see the Pharmalast data sheet for further information by clicking on the image below.

Pharmalast Datasheet