Iso-Flate range of rubber inflatable seals

The Iso-Flate inflatable seals manufactured by Sealing Projex are designed to provide a clean, time saving solution for airtight sealing alongside, powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust.

These seals are most useful to seal fabricated pieces of equipment where:
• The sealing gap may vary
• Fast efficient assembly and disassembly is required
• Hygienic procedures exist (FDA applications and regulations)

Generally working from within a given groove size the seals can operate axially, and for both inward and outward radial movements. The most popular requirements are for FDA approved Silicone Elastomer in either white, red or blue iron oxide colours. Other Elastomers and Pigmentations are available for a wide variety of sealing applications. We carry a vast number of “common profiles” on stock, this enables Sealing Projex to provide a quick turnaround of seals when required.

Our seal joining method incorporates a high pressure Shot Moulding technique (Vulcanizing), this utilizes an identical compound injected at the joint to produce a high strength bond, resulting in a clean smooth line finish. No additives or adhesives form part of the bond. This process provides a High Integrity seal capable of performing under greater and higher pressures than most if not all other similar type of seals in the market.

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