Inflatable Seal Rapid Cycle Testing Facilities

At Sealing Projex we have invested in equipment to perform rapid cycle seal tests. These can be undertaken in house on inflatable seals and validation documentation provided.

On request we are also able to bring our Vali-flate equipment to your premises in order to validate a seal design that will be incorporated into your own original equipment.  We can demonstrate that the seal is fit for purpose in terms of durability by repetitively inflating the seal to its sealing position and back to its relaxed designed state.  To date we have validated numerous seals for our clients, in some cases we have achieved 60,000 cycles in a 72 hour period.  By adopting this testing method, it can give you an indication of real time service, allowing you to incorporate a relevant planned maintenance replacement. example videos and sample validation documentation Are available on request, please contact us if you would like these.