• Sealing Projex Inflatable Sealing Solutions

Nuclear Industry

Applications include :Containment sealing in active areas such as waste Flask seals,  Glove-box Isolators, Coffer Dam seals, Gaskets etc.  Flexible Gastight expansion joints for Ductwork /  Flue stacks.

Seals for Nuclear Applications

Power Generation

Applications Include:High temperature exhaust manifold Gaskets, Pipework flexible bellows, Heat Insulation Jackets, Cylinder head Gaskets / O rings.  Sound attenuation products.

Seals for Power generation equipment

Food Industry

Applications Include :Vacuum sealing gaskets for processed Meat and cheese lines, Curing oven door seals, Mixing vessel seals, Hopper lid seals, Vibratory feeder seals and flexible connections. Steam Flange gaskets. FDA compliant Compression packing’s for pumps valves and mixers.  Tanker lid seals and more…

Seals for food industry applications

Pharmaceutical Industry

Applications Include :Hygienic flange seals, Inflatable & Static seals for sterilizer / autoclave doors.  Extruded Mixing Vessel seals and Gaskets. Inflatable seals for fluid bed dryers. Machined acrylic doors for glove-box containment applications.  Tablet coating machine door seals. Weigh scale inflatable membranes and flexible connections.

Seals for pharmaceutical applications

Marine Industry

Applications Include :Rudder & Stern gland compression packing rings, Dock fender rubber extrusions & moulded buffers.  Hatch seals, Inflatable & Static.  Exhaust & steam flange high temperature gaskets.  Anti-slip deck coverings.  Expansion bellows for engine exhaust and services pipework. Insulation sets for pipework flanges.

Seals for marine industry applications