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USP – Inflatable Seals

Did you know our range of ISO-FLATE™ inflatable seals are available in silicone compounds independently  tested to USP class VI? Representative samples of the silicone compound were independently tested, and found to have an extraction ratio of 60 cm2 /20ml  at a temperature of 50 +/- 1 ºC  for 72 hours , and thus met […]

Suitability : Guaranteed

In addition to having the knowledge and technical capability to assist you in choosing the right product , Sealing Projex can also carry out application specific tests to validate our choices. Utilising the latest 3d modelling technology , and our custom built accelerated cycle fatigue testing equipment , we are able to create test rigs […]

ISO-FLATE ™ seal profiles now available in 3D SLD and STEP

After significant investment and training in the latest 3D modelling software; all ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seal profiles are now available in 3D SLD and STEP file types (amongst others).  We feel this is an important step in keeping our technical support and communication at the highest possible level,  enabling our clients to achieve the swiftest […]

A Fitting investment

One of the core problems we tried to solve at the conception of ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seals was the tendency for valves/inflation stems to be over complicated, un functional and expensive. We therefore created a range of styles that would marry up with most standard pneumatic fittings as well as easy to fit “PUSH IN” […]

Integrity and Functionality, certified!

  Sealing Projex Ltd have recently invested in improved AC FT (Accelerated Cycle Fatigue Test) equipment. In order to further push the boundaries of quality control for existing ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seals, and generate further real world data on application suitability for new designs. This bespoke equipment now allows us to test up to 10 […]

Pro-Sil FDA Compliant Silicone Sponge Sheet

Sealing Projex Ltd now have the ability to provide sheet and cut gaskets from an FDA compliant grade of cellular silicone sponge. Available in various thicknesses, the material has been well received by containment and process clients alike, due to its ability to provide a seal under low bolt load/ seating stress. Gaskets can be […]

Flood Gate door inflatable seal

  Flood gate barrier systems are utilising linear Inflatable seals more frequently.  See below a test with a silicone rubber inflatable seal in a HDPE machined mounting frame. Sealing Projex can manufacture these at any length with the ends moulded in either inflated or deflated position.

Screen Printed Acrylic doors with Inflatable seals

Sealing Projex supply many Inflatable door seal systems through-out the pharmaceutical and high containment sectors.  Using state of the art printing techniques, we have adopted methods to screen print on various substrates including Acrylic, & Glass.  This can be used to enhance your brand, or even used for instruction purposes for the operators.  The picture […]

Pharmalast – The ultimate in elastomer technology for the Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Industries.

The Pharmaceutical and Bio-processing industries are constantly increasing the requirement for an elastomer that has excellent purity combined with almost universal chemical resistance. In answer to these demands, Sealing Projex can now mould custom parts and standard O rings from Pharmalast 643. This material is a Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) which is not only FDA compliant but […]