A Fitting investment

One of the core problems we tried to solve at the conception of ISO-FLATE ™ inflatable seals was the tendency for valves/inflation stems to be over complicated, un functional and expensive.

We therefore created a range of styles that would marry up with most standard pneumatic fittings as well as easy to fit “PUSH IN” valves which simply required a smoothly drilled recess.

At the time most of our competitors are still opting for intricate machined steel valves with all manner of threads and elaborate methods of bonding the stems inside the seal.

By replacing these out we have managed to improve usability, cost , and speed of manufacture whilst maintaining the highest standards of leak tightness  our many prestigious clients demand.

Despite this there are still many occasions where we must adopt old techniques in order to service a spares requirement, leading to lengthy lead times due to third party machinist’s unwillingness to make relatively small batch runs of these intricate parts.

In order to bring these styles of inflatable to an acceptable Sealing Projex standard in terms of speed of manufacture and crisis response, we have invested heavily in in house machining equipment and are currently undergoing extensive training in the required disciplines.

Machines valve stems for use in inflatable seals

This is another measure of the commitment we have to make custom parts, with a precision and speed better than most suppliers can offer on products they call standard.

We hope to be in a position to cut our lead times by ½ on this type of machined stem over the next six months.

In the mean time, we should still be faster than the market standard.

If you require any further information about our inflatable seals and associated products, please feel free to contact the team at any time.