• Sealing Projex Inflatable Sealing Solutions

Industrial Inflatable Seals Solution Providers

Sealing Projex is a young dynamic company specialising in Inflatable Seals used in industries that demand a need for a high level of containment, these include Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Bio-pharmaceutical, medical and many others.

At Sealing Projex we have a skill set that calls upon 35 years of experience in designing and producing seals for demanding applications in varying process equipment that is used in these industrial sectors.

Sealing Projex, based in th UK, provide inflatable seal design and manufacturer services for clients in the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide.

In addition to providing advanced sealing solutions, Sealing Projex also design and supply flexible connections, gaskets, machined seal housings, rubber extrusions and mouldings to existing or bespoke profiles. Please contact us to talk to our sales engineers or to arrange a site visit to discuss your application or requirement in detail.

Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seal with adaptor

The inflatable seals manufactured by Sealing Projex are designed to provide a clean, time saving solution to hermetic sealing against, powders, granules, gases, liquids and dust. These seals are most useful to seal fabricated pieces of equipment

Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusions

Sealing Projex specialise in the supply of bespoke rubber extrusion profiles. We can produce profiles from your existing drawings / samples or alternatively assist you in the development of a profile for a specific project or application

Marine Sealing Solutions

Inflatable seals for marine solutions

The Iso-Flate® range of inflatable seals are an ideal Guarantees / Accreditations solution for reliable weather tight and UV/ saltwater resistant sealing. Perfect for Transom hatches, Forward hatch seals, Tender doors etc.